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Who is Ty Warner?

Mission: To utilize 12 notes to foster global harmony, through a shared understanding of each other’s grace.

Vision: Uniting the GLOBE through the language of music.

Values: Love, compassion, understanding, altruism, wellness, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.


Ty Warner is a global performer, composer, and utility instrumentalist with a perspective that most of us only achieve in our dreams. Ty combines his universal understanding with his musical gifts to connect people of varying cultures and ideologies.

During his Air Force career, Ty has performed for audiences in the Pacific and European Theater. These opportunities have led Ty to observe music as a common thread; as the spark that creates universal understanding between us all.

While Ty’s journey has helped him ignite audiences in all reaches of the globe, some of his most important work occurs right at home. Ty currently resides in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he notably contributed to creating “The Cheyenne City Anthem.” The song pays tribute to “The Magic City of the Plains,” giving Ty the opportunity to work with elite Cheyenne songwriters Amy Roy, Annie Laurie, and Todd Dereemer.

Ty’s tireless commitment to public service is present in his mission to eradicate domestic violence, after witnessing his vocalist’s life taken onstage. Ty’s forthcoming single, “Blink of an Eye,” reflects on the incident, while taking an undeniable stand for the cause. Alongside his band, The Change Agents, Ty continues to advocate against domestic violence in all of its forms.

“Lives were forever changed, and I became intertwined with the awareness and prevention of domestic violence,” Ty recalled. “It is a difficult struggle, because quite simply, domestic violence is ugly.”

Ty continues to expand his horizons and spread his message, embarking on new collaborations with artists and producers alike. Ty splits his time between Cheyenne and Nashville, TN, where he is a chapter coordinator for Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and a member of East Nashville-based co-op, Helping Our Music Evolve (H.O.M.E.).

“It’s really all about the notes, isn’t it? The notes are a potpourri,” Ty said. “You pour it in, shake it, and pour it out -- and what’s created is for everyone to share.”

A true student of music history, Ty’s vast influences include rock and roll legends like Chuck Berry, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones; the great stylists, like Tony Bennett, Michael Bublé, Dianna Krall and  the classical foundations of Mozart and Vivaldi.

Wherever – and whenever – great music is made, Ty finds it, and welcomes listeners to share the journey together.

“Our planet is our living room,” Ty said. “We are all sharing this collective space, and I just use notes as a global communicator.”

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